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Fantastic excursions in the Vedrette di Ries Group

Carefully marked trails, an endless choice of routes and a dream-like Alpine landscape await you in the Tures and Aurina Valleys.

An invitation to all those who love hiking in the mountains. Whether you choose a comfortable theme walk along the valley floor or want to tackle the hike up to 3,400 meters on the Collalto – we’ll be happy to provide you with topographic maps, tips and useful information for your excursion.
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Wanderurlaub Hotel Bacher in Südtirol
Wanderurlaub Hotel Bacher in Südtirol
Wanderurlaub Hotel Bacher in Südtirol

Vedrette di Ries — Aurina Nature Park

Get acquainted with the 31,500 hectares of unspoiled nature in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Park! There are plenty of beautiful trails in the park for visitors who want to explore its unique flora and fauna. Impressive glaciers, marvellous pastures and crystal-clear mountain lakes will make your excursion to the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Nature Park a truly unforgettable experience...

Theme walks in the Tures and Aurina Valleys

The Tures and Aurina Valleys will amaze you with exciting and fascinating theme walks where you can discover the most beautiful corners of our region. Why don’t you try hiking the Nature Trail in Campo Tures, or the Sentiero dei Cavalieri (Trail of the Knights), or the Trail of San Francesco or go back along the traces of the miners of the Predoi? Whatever you choice, we hope you have a great time!

Climb to the summit

There are more than 80 peaks in the Tures and Aurina Valleys that exceed 3000 meters above sea level and they are waiting to be conquered! Although the climb up to the summit is quite difficult, when you reach the top you’ll be rewarded for all your efforts. The breath-taking panorama that opens onto the valley below and the extraordinary scenery of the surrounding mountains in all their grandeur will give you a simply indescribable feeling of freedom and peace.

The Riva Waterfalls

Starting from Campo Tures and following the San Francesco trail, you come to the three impressive Riva Waterfalls. Let yourself be enchanted by the evocative spectacle of these imposing waterfalls!

Mountain lakes near Riva di Tures

Icy crystalline waters that reflect the rays of the sun, creating evocative plays of light, immersed in the greenery of an unspoiled nature.

Come and discover one of the numerous mountain lakes that make the trails around Riva di Tures even more impressive!


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